Recovery gone wrong – Ripley Breakdown & Recovery Discovery to the rescue

Ripley accident recovery service in Derby. Our Land Rover Discovery with 7.5T winch on the front bumper pulling a 7.5T recovery truck out of ditch. The recovery truck we helped out got stuck trying to pull an Astra out the same ditch! After pulling the truck out we pulled the Astra out as well.

Ripley Breakdown & Recovery doing a Full lift to 4X4 Derby

Ripley breakdown service in Derbyshire. Here’s a video of us performing a full lift to a 4×4 in Derbyshire. As you can see no job is too big for us. We provide a full breakdown & recovery service in Derbyshire and surrounding areas.

Recovery Skate for clasped wheel bearing – Ripley Breakdown & Recovery to the rescue

Ripley vehicle recovery service in Nottingham. The bearing had clasped on the n/s/r of this vehicle. As the driver only had 0.25 of a mile to travel we provided a skate to recover the vehicle and its owner safely home. Covering Nottingham and surrounding areas, no challenge is too big for us!